The Crossing Resort Joins GetAssist

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Dear Friends of The Crossing Resort,

We’ve joined GetAssist – and why you should too!

  • Want daily updates on happenings along the Icefields Parkway and The Crossing Resort?
  • View new images of the Canadian Rockies?
  • Want first crack at new packages and specials?
  • Want to share your experiences and photos of your adventures in the Canadian Rockies?
  • Receive hiking tips and best practices?
  • It’s easy! Simply sign in and become a member of GetAssist. Once you’ve joined, utilize the search bar to find The Crossing Resort Community and click join.
  • Plus search for other communities of like-minded people and interests or create your own community of friends & family.
  • Join discussions that interest YOU instead of the incessant chatter that clutters other social media.

Note: Upon joining the The Crossing Resort Community, simply post a photo and you are automatically “Entered to Win” the drawing for our Grand Prize of $1000.00 cash!

Visit the GetAssist Website

The GetAssist Story


Hello – from Bruce and Kim Fikowski.

GetAssistWe’re the founders of What’s happening? We’ve created a new app called GetAssist that can help make life easier for everyone, even you.

Like most people, Kim and I are busy, busy bees. Finding someone to help with home maintenance, staying tuned to our business, engaging associates, participating in our HOA or simply staying up to date and engaged with what’s happening in our lives, our children’s lives and everything in between was involving multiple apps, phones, computer devices, email and the list goes on…. Madness!

Why, given today’s technology is this such an onerous task?

Well, it’s not anymore. With our backgrounds in hospitality, small business and project management we set out to design an app that would make our lives a little bit easier.

Long story short; Wham, bam…peanut butter and jam! GetAssist was conceived.

GetAssist is an aggregation of business services and other features combined with a manageable social media concept we call a “Community” to make GetAssist one of the first, if not the first, to use social media purposefully.

GetAssistGetAssist communities are where like-minded people can come together to share information, advice, ideas and engage with, or organize, any group of people for any purpose. They are also great places to get and give the kind of assistance that makes everyday life easier. When you need a hand, like finding someone to help with your lawn care, you simply make a GetAssist Request and submit it to the business, or social community, for help or referral.

Sound easy” It is and it’s free for the social community and “grass roots inexpensive” for the Business Community.

Did we mention GetAssist Communities can be public or private? They can and at GetAssist, private means private, membership by invitation only.

There’s too much to mention here but its well known social features, quick and easy access to the Business Community, ad free social networking and the private, manageable social communities will make you a believer.

Oh yeah! GetAssist also has a newsfeed. It’s called the Grapevine and you decide what community content you want to see on a regular basis. Imagine that!

Enjoy it now on our responsive website, join us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @GetAssistApp. The mobile apps for both communities will be released in late July.

Cheers, Bruce & Kim