Hikes & Attractions

The Crossing Resort’s “Hike and Attraction Central” start with trails outside your door with close proximity to the most spectacular hiking in Canada, if not all of North America. With the backdrop of the rugged peaks of the Canadian Rockies, tumbling waterfalls and sparkling glaciers, Parks Canada has constructed and maintains a dazzling network of trails along the Icefield Parkway. Just down the road are the trail heads to Mistaya Canyon, Peyto Lake, Bow Lake and the Bow Glacier, all relatively easy walks. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll be at the trail head to Parker’s Ridge or the short hike onto the famous Athabasca Glacier at the Columbia Icefield, where you can stand on glacial ice deposited over 900 years ago.


The Crossing Resort is also the jumping off point for longer hikes, from moderate to more difficult but all easily accomplished on a day hike. Some notable hikes include Bow Summit Lookout, Helen Lake, Cirque Lake, Wilcox Pass, Nigel Pass and Sunset Lookout.

Use the following link for hike descriptions/trailhead locations for trails accessible to The Crossing Resort, and then click on Icefields Parkway area.


Reminder: Before you head out for your hike today, stop in to our General Store to pick up your box lunch and check out our hiking supplies for a water bottle, sunglasses, or any other hiking needs.

Our Hike and Attraction Central packages are designed to create affordable, value added mini-vacations and adventures to enrich your Icefield Parkway experience in the Canadian Rockies.

Our location in the heart of Canada’s Banff National Park has proven again and again that The Crossing is “Hike and Attraction Central” on the Parkway. Join us this season for an affordable getaway in the most spectacular surroundings in North America. Get to The Crossing and we’ll do our part to pamper you with all the creature comforts and great dining options. See you soon!

The Crossing Resort boasts a bouquet of active experiences, adventures and attractions unsurpassed in North America.