Going Green

The Crossing Resort

Going, Going……Green!

Implemented in 2012, 2% of our Sales are being dedicated to our Green Initiative to reduce our footprint in the National Park by:

  • Replacing diesel electric power generation with alternative sources

  • Installing an automotive electric refueling station

  • Refitting all lighting with eco-friendly low voltage fixtures and bulbs

  • Replacing propane heating and cooking equipment with electric

  • Using eco-friendly packaging

  • Installing water restrictors and low flush washroom fixtures

  • Using eco-friendly detergents and cleaning supplies

  • Reducing, re-using, collecting and re-cycling of disposables

Our Green Initiative is our major project. For instance, did you know?

The Crossing Resort:

  • Has the infrastructure of a small town

  • Must maintain and operate services that provide electricity, potable water, heating, garbage collection, re-cycling and treatment of water and sewer – serving all guests plus the public washroom needs of all visitors

  • Is currently reliant on fossil fuels for many services

  • Uses 700 litres of diesel fuel a day to generate electricity

  • Burns 100 litres of propane a day for heating and cooking

  • Chlorinates 138,000 litres of water a day for washing, cooking and washrooms

We are absolutely committed to Going Green and we will update this site as we progress. Please help us to maintain a healthy and green environment.